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Verspreid ze niet naar anderen toe want dat is niet toegestaan. Making your Amazon purchases through my affiliate links supports this site at no additional cost to you: Did you find something here useful?

You can refer to this method. Op die manier heb je alle ebooks centraal bij elkaar in 1 handig programma en verstuur je ebooks naar bijvoorbeeld je ereader of tablet. Follow along as we show you how to liberate your Kindle books. Hopelijk letten ze dan beter op in de toekomst en worden de ebooks beter getest.

Remove the DRM From Amazon Kindle Books - Note: This guide is for personal use only.

Disclaimer: I don't endorse pirating e-books. If you do this, you won't hurt Amazon or Sony, but you might hurt the author. And like many companies that trade in digital intellectual property, Amazon includes software in their e-books. The problem here is that America's copyright lawyers figured out how to change the rules of ownership. When you buy a paperback book, its content belongs to the author, but drm plugin calibre physical book belongs to you. You can loan it to someone, trade it, sell it, or just keep it and reread it as many times as you want. Wait, though, isn't Amazon too big to disappear. Sure, Amazon software is supported on most platforms now, but what about a decade from now. A lot of music, art, and writing is abandoned every time our storage technology changes to a different format, whether you're talking about reel-to-reel tapes or clay tablets. If it's important to you, make as many different copies drm plugin calibre it as you can stand. December 2017: Added a note about using Calibre with a Kindle reading app instead of an e-ink Kindle. Drm plugin calibre 2018: As of version 6. You'll also need to install the to import your. Calibre is open-source software and costs nothing, although if you find it useful you might throw developer a few dollars. Calibre is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Click images for full size. Instead you need to open up the. Note: If you're using a Kindle reading app instead of a handheld Kindle, you can skip steps 6-8 below. Full details and discussion, as well as a. Enter the serial number as 16 characters, without spaces. If it is connected, you'll be able to browse it like your computer's hard drive. There are various ways to do this. This can take a while, so patience is a virtue. The default export format is. You do back everything up, right. Making your Amazon purchases through my affiliate links supports this site at no additional cost to you: Did you find something here useful. Please consider putting a tip in my tip jar. Donate via PayPal: Making your Amazon. Looking for free, managed web hosting. Looking for affordable, unmanaged hosting?.

Custom metadata plugins for Calibre: cataloguing an old paper library
Misschien raadzaam om het bestand opnieuw te downloaden? Hoe dan ook, de beste koers is dan om ofwel een backup terug te zetten van de bibliotheek die je natuurlijk trouw maakt! At present there is also no other a better and free ebook management software on the market. When you download this file successfully, double click the zip file to find all the parts of the plugin and keep the position where the file is saved in mind. Decompress all the files of this zip.